6th Annual Dumpster Day! Saturday, September 15, 7am-noon

The HOA Board has arranged for a dumpster to be available for the community’s use. The dumpster will be located on Drexel Woods Dr. just past Oak Shadows Court.

Please use discretion with items brought for dumping. Not everything is acceptable for loading. We will have someone there to look over the refuse during the entire 5 hours of availability.

Please review the following list for what is acceptable:


Household waste as well as recyclables and compostables

Not Acceptable

  • Waste from construction or demolition activities (i.e., asphalt, concrete (greater than 18 inches in size), brick, black, stone, and aggregate
  • Hazardous wastes and liquids of any type (i.e., acids, caustics, pesticides, or chemicals)
  • Automobiles or automobile parts, including vehicle bodies or frames
  • Tree stumps greater than 12″ in height and more than 36″ across the roots. Tree logs, limbs, and wood larger than 8″x8″x6′ long, including railroad ties
  • Steel slabs and iron, steel reinforcing bars and steel rods
  • Explosives or flammable materials
  • Medical/radioactive waste
  • Drums or tanks (unless clean and cut in half)
  • Animal carcasses
  • Most large items that cannot be lifted manually
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